Will someone show me where to sit?
A friendly team will greet you at the door and answer any questions you may have. Sit wherever you wish - no seats are reserved.
How do I know what's taking place during the services?
We have an Order of Service that tells you what exactly is happening and what to do.
I don't have my own Bible.
No problem. Bibles and hymn books are in both Churches and at the East Calder services we tend to use a projector.
Are children welcome?
Definitely yes. There is a Sunday School - “EnerJ”, at the morning services in East Calder Church. There's no Sunday School/creche at Kirknewton just now but we're delighted to welcome children. If your children get unsettled during the service feel free to take them to the halls or stay in the Church. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable.
It is totally your own business to give or not to give and how much. You can give by open plate, freewill offering envelopes and standing orders. If you're a tax payer you can also sign a 'Gift Aid' form and the Church can claim the tax element from HMRC. Further information is available from our Treasurer or Stewardship Convenor.
What information do you need for weddings, baptisms and funerals?
There are wedding and baptism forms available for completion that will give us all the information required. Click on the link and print off a copy. Our Minister will be pleased to talk to you and help to make the arrangements. With funerals we recommend that you speak to a Funeral Director who will guide you
I'm not a Church member but I'm considering joining. What do I do?
In the first instance speak to our Minister and he will explain what to do.
I'm currently a member of another Church. How do I join your Church?

If you are moving from another Church of Scotland congregation ask them for a Certificate of Transference and hand it to our Session Clerk. Anyone on door duty will introduce you to him.

Members of other denominations can also transfer to the Church of Scotland. There is no standard procedure and, in these circumstances, an approach should be made to the minister, and he or she will advise.

Can I join one of your Groups?
We would value your involvement in the life of the Church. Find out more about our groups and activities.