Monday 7.30pm Prayer Group in East Calder Church Prayer Room
Tuesday 7.30pm The Guild meets in East Calder Church Hall
7.45pm Singing Group in Kirknewton Church
Wednesday 7.30pm Housegroups resume
Thursday 11.30am The Lunch Club in East Calder Church Hall
12.30pm The Break in East Calder Church Prayer Room
Friday 6.30pm Boys' Brigade meet in East Calder Church Hall

Updated 18th September 2017



Next Sunday, 24 September at 11.15am, the Boys’ Brigade Enrolment Service takes place in East Calder Church and it is hoped that many of you will be able to be in Church that morning to show your support for our BB Officers and Boys.

Updated 18th September 2017


This year’s Harvest Thanksgiving Services will take place on 1 October.   At Kirknewton, there will be an ordinary Worship Service but, at East Calder, there will be a Family Service.
There will be a table in each Church for anyone wishing to bring any of the items detailed in the “Foodbank” notice further on in the intimation sheet.   This would seem an appropriate way to show our thanks to God for all we receive on a daily basis.  (Please do not bring any perishable items)

Updated 18th September 2017


An invitation can mean so much..... 
Studies have shown that many people would go to Church if someone invited them.   Who do you care enough about to invite? 
This year, “Back to Church Sunday” will also take place on 1 October.   This is a great opportunity to invite those of your family and friends who may have been to our Church before for a wedding, baptism or funeral, but have not come to Church at any other time.   Lots of people that we know may also have been to Church when they were younger, for Sunday School etc – but haven’t been back since, so why not invite them to come along with you on that day.

Updated 18th September 2017


We would like to invite all the men of the Church to an informal meeting on the morning of Saturday 4 November, to discuss how the Men’s Fellowship is taken forward. 
This will involve a lighter version of the breakfast, tea and coffee, and all the men of Kirknewton and East Calder Church are very welcome, whether they have been associated with the fellowship in the past or not. 
The arrangements are to meet at East Calder Church Hall at 8.00am for an 8.30am start, finishing no later than 9.30am.  
For any further information, please contact this website.

Updated 18th September 2017


Please advise Brenda, Ken, the Session Clerk or your Elder, of anyone known to you who is ill, either at home or in hospital, and who would welcome a visit.

Updated 25th June 2017


There will now be a crèche each Sunday in East Calder Church and at Joint Services in both Churches during the summer.
Parents of crèche children can take their wee ones out to the crèche after the children's song.

Updated 25th June 2017


EnerJ has now re-started and we are looking forward to starting our programme of our journey through the Bible next Sunday, 3 September.
We are looking for donations of newspapers and will put a box for them at the front of East Calder Church. If anyone has any they can part with, we would appreciate that help.
Thanks, the EnerJ Team

Updated 27th August 2017


Youth Church has resumed, meeting in East Calder Church for 11.15am and then going over to the Hall. We welcome any young people from S1-S6 and look forward to seeing you.
We will be exploring a wide range of topics and activities throughout the rest of this year.
Please do contact this website for further information.

Updated 10th September 2017


In Focus is a time of informal evening worship, meeting in fellowship, sharing and giving thanks to God for his faithfulness towards us. Also, importantly, time for tea/coffee and chat.
Jesus said “Where two or three gather together because they are mine, I am there among you”
With this promise in mind, you are invited to come along to meet with Him and His people to learn more about Him, and hear real life God experiences of others. The programme varies week on week. Sometimes, people will share what their favourite hymns are and why; others, will share their personal experience of their understanding of God’s nature, e.g. God the shepherd; whilst others, will reflect on the verses of “When we walk with the Lord”. Our Ministry team and others will talk on Big Issues from a Christian perspective, and the songs of praise evenings will conclude the end of each term.
Next Sunday 24 September 2017: "God our Father".
We look forward to welcoming all back to In Focus. If you have never attended In Focus before, please come along and join in Fellowship together.
For more information on anything relating to In Focus, please contact this website. If you wish to go, but require a lift or want to go with someone, arrangements can be made.

Updated 18th September


The weekly Prayer Meeting in East Calder takes place on a Monday evening from 7.30pm to 8.30pm in the Prayer Room at the back of the Church. Entry by the back door. Everyone very welcome.
During our time of vacancy, there is an additional Prayer Meeting at 2.30pm on the last Sunday afternoon of each month, when we can come together to pray and seek God’s blessing upon us as we go through the process of waiting for a new Minister to be called.
There is also an opportunity to come to the Prayer Room at close of Sunday worship in East Calder Church for individual confidential prayer.

Updated 12th June 2017


The Guild meets in East Calder Church Hall on Tuesday at 7.30pm and the topic this week is "Caring for Mother Earth - Bolivia".   
This is our Project Night and a warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to come along and share this evening with us.

Updated 18th September 2017


Our mid-week opportunity for Bible study, sharing, fellowship and prayer will restart on Wednesday 20 September. Groups will meet at the homes of two of our members on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm and, throughout this church year, the groups will study the Gospel of John.
All welcome – if you would like more information on our house group programme, please contact this website.

Updated 10th September 2017


The Lunch Club re-opens in East Calder Church at 11.30am on Thursday with an excellent choice of tasty soups and tempting sweets.
We extend a warm welcome to all our customers, old and new and look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Updated 18th September 2017


The Break will resume this Thursday at 12.30pm in East Calder Church Prayer Room and will then take place on the first and third Thursday of each month, following the Lunch Club.

Updated 18th September 2017


The Singing Group meets weekly throughout the year on Tuesday evenings at 7.45pm in Kirknewton Church for an hour of singing, laughter and fellowship followed by coffee and biscuits. Although primarily formed to rehearse the hymns for the Sunday services we also practise other music - spiritual, classical and popular. We aim to sing several pieces a year as a group at some of the important anniversaries within the Church, such as Easter and Christmas. We would love to welcome anyone who just likes to sing to come and join us any Tuesday evening.

Updated 5th September 2016

WEST LOTHIAN FOODBANK (Reg Charity Number SC008274)

Having been back in touch with the Foodbank organisers, we have been informed that they would be grateful for donations of food items as listed below:
Tinned potatoes
Tinned fruit
Diluting juice
Long life fruit juice (not requiring refrigeration)
UHT milk
Instant mashed potatoes
As before, these items can be left at the front door of either Church on a Sunday morning and will be delivered on your behalf.
Harvest Thanksgiving Services on 1 October 2017
We will also have a table in both Churches on this date for anyone wishing to bring any of the above as this would seem an appropriate way to show our thanks to God for all we receive on a daily basis.  (Please do not bring any perishable items)

If anyone would like to make a donation of money it would be very gratefully received and can be done in several ways – see website
https://westlothian.foodbank.org.uk/give-help or, alternatively,
You can pay directly into their bank account using a cheque or card in your own bank branch.  The details you will need are West Lothian Foodbank, Clydesdale Bank Sort Code 82/70/05 Account no 80575476. If you can add your name as the reference this will really help them.
Or, you can send a cheque directly to them at:  West Lothian Foodbank, 33 Market Place, Whitburn, West Lothian EH47 0EU.

Updated 18th September 2017