Monday 7.30pm Prayer Group in East Calder Church Prayer Room
Tuesday 7.00pm Board Meeting in East Calder Church Hall
7.45pm Singing Group in Kirknewton Church
8.00pm Kirk Session Meeting in East Calder Church Hall
Wednesday 10.00am Kirknewton Bible Study in Kirknewton Church Hall
7.30pm Housegroups resume
Thursday 10.00am Forget-me-not Café in East Calder Church Hall
Friday 4.00pm Kosy Kaff in Kirknewton Community Hall

Updated 23rd April 2017


Please advise Brenda, Ken, the Session Clerk, or your Elder, of anyone known to you who is ill, either at home or in hospital, and who would welcome a visit.

Updated 9th January 2017


On Sunday 30 April, there will be a Prayer Meeting regarding our vacancy in the Prayer Room, East Calder Church at 2.30pm, for an hour. An opportunity to pray and seek God’s blessing upon us as we go through the process of waiting for a new Minister to be called. Open to everyone.

Updated 23rd April 2017


There will now be a crèche each Sunday in East Calder Church and at Joint Services.
Parents of crèche children can take their wee ones out to the crèche (which is held in the Prayer Room) after the children's song.

Updated 2nd April 2017


A rota is being put together of willing volunteers to cover Kids’ Klub, when EnerJ is on holiday.

Updated 2nd April 2017


August Joint Services at East Calder. Session has decided to alter the starting time for these services to 11.15am i.e. the normal service time at East Calder.
For the avoidance of doubt, the starting time of the July joint services at Kirknewton will remain at 9.45am i.e. the normal service time at Kirknewton.
Our Vision. You will remember that I reported to you over the past 2 years news of various forums in which Session gathered data from various stakeholders (e.g. you the congregation, the elders, the community) with a view to ascertaining whether or not we were being true to our vision both as a Parish Church and as a church of our people and also to ascertain whether these stakeholders were content with how our church was running.
Session has now finished analysing this data and the time has come for Session to consider what actions we need or want to take. There were no trends obvious in the data collected so there are no issues that scream out for immediate attention.
However, there are some very interesting comments and ideas which do merit further consideration. That is what Session will do over the next few months.
I shall, of course, keep you appropriately informed.
Andrew Coutts
Session Clerk

Updated 16th April 2017


The Youth Church has resumed. For more information, please speak to any of the Leaders of the Youth Church.

Updated 23rd April 2017


All are welcome to come and share a time of worship, thanksgiving and fellowship each Sunday evening at 6.30pm in East Calder Church Hall.
The programme for May is as follows:
7 May:  Margaret Laing will reflect on words of the hymn “In Christ Alone” verse 4, lines 1-4.
14 May:  Malcolm McNeill (Guest Speaker) will meet with us and explain the function of Street Pastors and their social responsibility role.
21 May:  In Focus has been cancelled. An alternative option is to attend worship in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh to mark start of the General Assembly.
         Transport can be provided for those wishing to attend.
28 May:   Linda Archer will share her memories of her favourite hymns from her childhood.

Updated 25th April 2017


The weekly Prayer Meeting in East Calder is now on a Monday evening instead of a Wednesday evening. As before, time 7.30pm to 8.30pm in the Prayer Room at the back of the Church. Entry by the back door. Everyone very welcome.
During our time of vacancy, there is an additional Prayer Meeting at 2.30pm on the last Sunday afternoon of each month, when we can come together to pray and seek God’s blessing upon us as we go through the process of waiting for a new Minister to be called.
There is also an opportunity to come to the Prayer Room at close of Sunday worship in East Calder Church for individual confidential prayer.

Updated 16th April 2017


Our Housegroup programme will restart on Wednesday 26 April. All welcome. For more information, or if you would like to consider hosting a group, please contact this website.

Updated 2nd April 2017


We are now at the next stage of planning for this year’s Holiday Club. We would love to hear from anyone who would be able to help make
scenery and props for the daily drama so if you can draw, paint, cut, sew or are willing to have a go, please contact this website.

Updated 2nd April 2017


The Kosy Kaff is still looking for volunteers to help and/or bake. We would hope to have sufficient help to ensure that each duty only comes around once in every 4-6 weeks.
Thank you to everyone who is already involved in this outreach.

Updated 11th September 2016


The Singing Group meets weekly throughout the year on Tuesday evenings at 7.45pm in Kirknewton Church for an hour of singing, laughter and fellowship followed by coffee and biscuits. Although primarily formed to rehearse the hymns for the Sunday services we also practise other music - spiritual, classical and popular. We aim to sing several pieces a year as a group at some of the important anniversaries within the Church, such as Easter and Christmas. We would love to welcome anyone who just likes to sing to come and join us any Tuesday evening.

Updated 5th September 2016

WEST LOTHIAN FOODBANK (Reg Charity Number SC008274)

The organisers of the West Lothian Foodbank have informed us that they still have plenty of food on hand at this time. They would, however, greatly appreciate donations of the undernoted items:
Washing up Liquid; Toilet Rolls; Shaving Foam; Razors; Shower Gel; Deodorants; Nappies
These items can be left in the vestibule of either Church on Sunday mornings and will be delivered on your behalf.

As the Foodbank is very expensive to run, e.g. premises for storage, donations of money would be very gratefully received, in several ways shown on their website - https://westlothian.foodbank.org.uk/give-help
or, alternatively, you can pay directly into their Bank Account using a cheque or card in your Bank’s branch. The details you will need are: West Lothian Foodbank; Clydesdale Bank; Sort Code 82/70/05; Account no 80575476. If you can add your name as the reference this will really help them.
If you would prefer to send them a cheque, their address is: West Lothian Foodbank, 33 Market Place, Whitburn, West Lothian EH47 0EU.

Updated 26th March 2017